Awareness Program on Minority Schemes and Scholarships

Minority Rights and Political Concerns (MRPC) department working under the Socio-Economic Concerns Committee (CECC) in Karnataka Central Diocese, had organised an “Awareness Program on Minority Schemes and Scholarships from the Government of Karnataka” on 28th Aug.2022 at St.Peter’s Church in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). The program was aimed to bring awareness to the congregation members from 19 CSI Churches in KGF about the state government’s schemes and scholarships that they could avail fulfilling the requirements and eligibilities. The scheduled meeting started around 11.30 am with a word of prayer by Rev. Rev. Devasagayam-Presbyter-in-charge, St.Peter’s Church and a welcome address by the KGF Area Chairman, Rev. Robin Marshall. After the chief guests and other dignitaries were honoured, the first talk was delivered by Mr. Kousar Nehaz Mohammad, District Officer, Karnataka Minority Development Corporation (KMDC), KGF. He explained the government schemes such as business loans, vehicle loans, scholarships for education for minorities. Also, he mentioned, while Muslims utilize these schemes and scholarships to certain extends, Christians using these privileges are very minimal. All the details are given in the KMDC website and for any further clarification or assistance his office can be reached anytime, and they can help. The second talk was by Dr. Matilda D’souza, former member of Minorities Commission, Government of Karnataka. She too mentioned Christians donot use these schemes and funds much, the unused fund is to the tune of 200 crores. She requested the audience to make sure they exercise their voting rights during elections and she can help with any assistance that we may need related to the minority schemes and scholarships from the government. Both talks were well received by audience and when the floor was open for questions and answers, there were several questions, comments, and suggestions to the speakers as well as MRPC. For example, there was a suggestion that KCD should reach out to all churches in KCD and make sure our people utilise these schemes and scholarships. The initiative taken up by MRPC on the awareness program, (one of the comments was that they used to have programs like this 40 years ago) was very well appreciated by attendees. Printed copies of the booklet by the Minority Schemes and Scholarships by the government of Karnataka was distributed to all the members attending the program. The program was concluded after Rev. Thabitha, Director MRPC, pronounced the vote of thanks, followed by Closing prayers by Rev._jebaraj, Presbyter incharge of st.james church and kirubaalaya church and Benediction by Rev.Beena priyadarshini – Presbyter incharge of st.johns church.

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