One day retreat for the Pastorate committee Members at KGF Area

One day retreat for the Pastorate committee Members at KGF Area Level on 23rd Nov 2019
The KGF Area Council had organised a one day retreat for the pastorate committee members of the Area Council on 23/11/2019 at St. Peter’s Church, kgf from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Our Beloved Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel was the resource person. From the beginning till the end our bishop was present in the retreat . He had preached inspiring and transforming sermon and challenged us to remain faithful in our calling and continue to do service for the humanity. He also highlighted that ministry is not ones own choice , rather it is the Holy Spirit that work’s through community. Our talents and abilities are to be used for the Glory of God. He insisted on team ministry , working together and to remain in fellowship with God and people. The Diocesan secretary Rev. Paul Dhanasegar, had explained the duties and functions of secretaries , The Associate Treasurer Rev . George Jayaprabhu explained the duties and functions of the treasurer.
The Bishop and the Officer’s of the Diocese interacted with the gathering and clarified their doubts and quarries . The struggle and challenges in the pastoral ministry and how to over come the hurdles in the pastorate committee , such topics were discussed . The role and responsibilities of secretaries , Treasurer’s and the Pastorate Committee members at the pastorate and Area level were discussed and in the concluding session Development for Kgf Area programmes and projects were proposed . The presbyter’s , The secretaries , Treasurer’s and the P.C Members from 19 pastorate’s had participated in the retreat . The wardens , the missionaries and the community college staffs were invitees . The retreat was concluded with the closing prayer by our Diocesan Secretary and our Bishop pronounced the Benediction .

Rev. I. Robin Marshall
Chairperson - KGF Area Council.

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