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Leadership Training Programme for Students

This training is for the CSI Students studying in 8, 9,10,11, and 12 classes in Andhra, Telengana, Karnataka, Tamil nadu and Kerala. This is for motivating and inspiring them to higher goals. We need professionals, academicians and skilled people with Christian, Social and ecological commitments. The short term course aims to help CSI students to have leadership qualities with the values of sustainable living.

We will help you to identify the talents in you and nurture it. Some of you are academically bright. You should go for higher education. You should attempt for all india public service commission test and be a good civil servant. Some of you have talents in medical, engineering, singing, art work etc. We do consider that all jobs have a value in it. The society is looking for experts in various fields. If you are an expert in any subject, you will definitely get a job.

Every Wednesday at 6.30 pm, the online course offers classes on Communicative English, self-empowerment, positive thinking, face exams and interviews, study techniques, sustainable values, Eco justice Principles, public speaking, and Green Protocol CSI, Career opportunities.
No tuition fees
First Class today at 6.30 pm

Meeting ID: 726 146 2539
Passcode: 678029
Clarification contact: Dr.Mathew Koshy 9847275754