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CSI - Karunalaya Dedication Service

Udayanagar, Near Tin factory, Bangalore.

To the Glory of God, the dedication service began with welcoming our Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasana Kumar Samuel with a procession at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday the 23rd of April 2023. As all of us were gathered near the gate, A word of prayer was offered by the Presbyter in charge Rev. Shuba Keerthana Preeth. Our Bishop gracefully Blessed the gates of our church and cut the red ribbon to declare the Church open. Bishop then Blessed and unveiled the stone tablet which commemorates the dedication of the newly built Church, the congregation joyfully entered the premises singing praises to God. Upon reaching the Main entrance in the first floor, our Bishop blessed and dedicated the Church with a Prayer, proceeded by the Holy Communion Service.

We had Diocesan officers, Pastors from our diocese, Pastors who served Karunalaya church in previous years, Pastors from UTC and guests from diocesan institutions, Building Contractor and diocesan engineer consultant and invitees who donated for the building project and church congregation with their families gracing the occasion. Worship service ended with the fellowship Lunch.

The guests and the invitees who grace the dedication service were:

  1. Rt.Rev. Dr. Prasana Kumar Samuel- Bishop KCD
  2. Dr. Esther Samuel- Bishop Amma
  3. Dr. Solomon Raju- Treasurer KCD
  4. Rev Christopher Samuel – Asst. Secretary KCD
  5. Rev Justin – Civil Area Chairman
  6. Rev. Salomi Joshua – CEC Director
  7. Mr. Sathish – KCD engineer
  8. Mr. Ullas Christopher- Property Convenor.KCD
  9. Mr. Jayakumar- Project
  10. Rev. Paul Dhanasegaran- Memorial Church. KCD
  11. Rev. Shanthi- CSI Hospital Chaplain
  12. Rev. Sounder Raj- Christhu Jeeva Jothi Church.KCD
  13. Rev. Daniel- Krupalaya Church.KCD
  14. Rev. Shalini G.S- Matthews Church.KCD
  15. Rev. Mary Shalini – Divya Shanthi Church.KCD
  16. Rev. Arokiasamy-KCD
  17. Rev. Rodricks- KCD
  18. Rev. Jeganathan-KCD
  19. Rev. Mohan Raj- KCD
  20. Rev. Jayamani - Coimbatore Diocese.
  21. Rev. Sam moses – Coimbatore Diocese.
  22. Mr. Jayachandran – Treasurer, BCBS.

We are indeed very grateful for all the kind guidance and support from our beloved Bishop and the officers of our diocese, the pastors, the architect, the contractor, the engineer, and everyone who cheerfully worked, contributed, prayed, and supported towards church building project. We humble seek your unceasing prayers for the mission and ministry of Karunalaya.

With Sincere Thanks
In Christ’s Service

Rev. Shuba Keerthana Preeth
Presbyter in Charge, CSI Karunalaya,
Pastorate Committee & Congregation

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